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Inability to handle or manage the situation leading to negative feedback loop OR also, ability to manage it properly that can lead to self-exploration or discovery in a very positive way can be termed or referred to as stress.

It causes the body to flood with hormones that prepare its system to evade or confront danger, it is commonly referred to as a fight or flight mechanism.


RH - Spot Your Stress
RH – Spot Your Stress

How to spot it?

The body produces larger quantities of chemicals as Cortisol, Epinephrine & Norepinephrine. These trigger and lead to the following physical reactions:- 

  • Sweating
  • Muscle Ache or Pain
  • Breathing Speeds Up
  • Immunity Activity Decreases
  • Digestive System Slows Down
    • Increased Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate
    • Sleepiness Decreases, due to a heightened state of Alertness


Hence, these are some major takeaway signs to directly spot & seek medical help or counseling accordingly.

What are its types?

According to the National Institute Of Mental Health (NIMH), there are 2 types of stress:

Acute & Chronic Stress and Both require different levels of management.

Acute Stress:– This type of stress is short-term and usually, the more common form.
Examples include headache, Upset Stomach, etc to count a few.

Chronic Stress:– This type of stress develops over a long period & is more harmful instead.

Ongoing Poverty, a dysfunctional family or an unhappy marriage, depression, anxiety are few examples of situations that can cause Chronic Stress.


Now, let’s get into the most important part where we define 6 effective ways to manage it. 

  1. S for Self – Connect & discover yourself. Always take pride in your decision-making, of who you are, and keep aside being regretful.
  2. T for Therapy – Go Outside, Connect with others, travel more & feel yourself. This will bring or add on very useful experience to your life to be counted on. And, if you are a nature lover, this method will boost up your life and need no therapy at all.
  3. R for Rest, Proper Sleep & Diet – This trio plays a great role in reducing your cortisol level & hence, will make you be at ease. Get disconnected after your heavy workload, a short nap during the daytime, or a long early hour of sleep at night will keep your mental heat at Bay. Similarly, counting on a healthy diet as dark green leafy vegetables or vitamins or any combination of foods & fruits will keep your mood and gut fresh all the time along the way. Hence, this trio definitely, will bring more blessings in the future.
  4. E for Exhale & Inhale – A simple exhale and inhale technique will finally bring a happy smile to your face. Focus on your breathing technique properly, it will bring peace and calm to your life.
  5. S for Silent – A simple yet very effective way to get connected to yourself & will make you able to look at things in a very holistic & reasonable way. One can also combine this technique with either yoga or meditation sessions, Along the way, you will find your life gradually changing, you will be thanking yourself at the end with a happy face.
  6. S for Solution – Being tuned to yourself, happy with who you are, counting on & valuing your self-worth is the key to most of the problems.

So, Combining all these above major takeaway points is the wholesome solution, that you will feel be blessed with.

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